Thursday, September 27, 2012

Carving a Niche

I have long admired the art of Geninne Zlatkis (blog here).  I pre-ordered her new book and was surprised to receive it a month earlier than the promised date Amazon gave me.
So, now I have been carving again and am so pleased with my stamps.  I know this post sounds totally like an ad for the book, but I do like to support artists who are so generous with their ideas.  She is one of those.  I could spend hours looking at her Flickr photos (here).  Love her birds, love her carvings.  Some of her Flickr photos link to videos showing how she paints.  Like I said, I love it when artists are so sharing.

So, in my constant jumping around from project to project, carving is currently the thing occupying my time!


gaye said...

Wish I could carve cause I know it's so fun. I just can't see what to carve after a certain point. You do such a great job.

Caatje said...

Oh no! Another book to put on my way too long wishlist!