Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Nature Parts

Before I even started the first lesson of the Ode to Nature class, I had in my head the idea of a nature journal, with pages full of different ways of depicting nature - drawings, specimens, lumpy pages, notes, tags, etc... nothing is off limits.  I can see now it may be months before I can complete all the ideas I want to put in it.  But for now, all the "parts" are in progress. Like these:

This seed pod looks just like a feather.  I like the way it is all flaky and disintegrating.
Feather painted on fabric using acrylic inks, outlined with permanent black pen.
The exploring continues....


Maria Ontiveros said...

These are both really wonderful! I'm glad to see someone else continuing with ideas from the class. I just did a photo walk that was more fall themed and went to a different beach to focus on gathering stones. Looking forward to creating art with those.

gaye said...

I thought the seed pod was a feather. Love the indexing card. You're very clever girl. I can see all the parts coming together is a fabulous journal. As usual.
And I just absolutely HATE the words we have to type to prove we're not a robot. They make it way too hard sometimes.!!!!! Just venting.:-)