Saturday, September 29, 2012

Leftover Paint

Hmmm, after I typed Leftover Paint, I thought that might be a good name for many things...
Leftover Paint, the rock band.
Leftover Paint, the art gallery or art store.

Sorry, I got distracted from my post.  Anyway... I wanted to paint flowers on fabric.  I put a few drops of fluid acrylic paint on my palette and did just that.  I had some paint leftover, so I watered it down and painted more fabric.

Before I sketched the flowers on fabric, I had sketched them in my sketchbook, so I used some of the leftover paint in the sketchbook. I still had leftover, so I just painted with abandon on sketchbook pages. I painted on a scrap piece of paper from where I was in my "doodling with Sumi ink" phase.

I have lots of art-parts now, just waiting for something special to happen to them.
(P.S. - Please ignore the fact that my coneflowers look more like daisies.)


gaye said...

You're going to come over to my house one day with this fabulous journal made from all your "good usable parts" and I'm going to fall out of my chair... as usual. Love all that you're doing.

j.La said...

I'm really enjoying looking at all of these pages and paintings that you are doing. You are quite the nature artist. I had no idea, but I'm certainly not surprised!
Love the pages of pink color swatches. The coneflower page is stunning!

Maria Ontiveros said...

These are terrific! So much fun to think about what could be don with these.