Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hand Posse

I have a secret Hand Posse who helps me keep my hands warm.  And they don't even know they are my hand posse!
When it gets cold, I wear these fingerless gloves that my friend Kelly made for me.  It was just a random conversation on a hot August day that led her to offer to make them.  Now, when I am busy typing on a cold winter's day, I can at least have warm hands.  Thank you, Kelly!

But when it gets really cold, I have to bring out the big guns! My friend Jennifer made these mittens out of recycled sweaters. Jennifer lives in Alaska, so she knows what cold is! I can't type in these, but I have been wearing them a lot lately when I'm out and about in the cold weather. You are so clever, Jennifer!  I love my "smittens" (or "swittens"?)

This is also a test to see if I can post pictures again.  I did a search (not a Google search, but a Bing search) and, lo and behold, found other people with the same problem I have.  They had several work-arounds, and this one appears to work.  No excuses now for lazy blog behavior!


1 comment:

j.La said...

I'm so smitten with the "Smittens!" Thanks for the clever name! Playing with wool helps me through the long, cold winter!