Saturday, January 5, 2013

Mother Lode

I am moving at turtle speed on my Venice book.  Slow, very slow.  I did get the cover cut apart. 

The back cover has one of those paper pads with the cardboard inserted through a slit in the cover.  There is no paper left in the pad, but I decided to leave it there.  I will put some nice art paper over it, maybe collage some stuff on it.  It can be lifted, and maybe I'll put more envelopes under it to store little parts to be used on the journal pages. 
I've been assembling and cutting pages, printing out bits of stuff, making up my mind on things then changing my mind.  It's the process that goes along with making a journal.  Below, I printed out Mary Ann's class logo, making it postage size and printing out a strip of them. 
Gaye let me come to her house and go through her stuff looking for things to use.  In the Oddities drawer of her flat file, I found some maps and cool postcards.  She also let me have some transparencies, some scrapbook papers, and I borrowed a rubber stamp. 
After that, we had a quick lunch and made a run over to the Paper Source store that has only been open in Louisville about a year.  Love going there!  It's worth a purchase just to get their pretty bag and catalog!  I also got some very cool washi map tape.  Perfect for a travel journal.
Blogger does not like me much today.  I had to jump through so many hoops to upload these few pictures, I am about ready to switch to TypePad.  Really. 

Happy New Year, since it is already the 5th of January and I am just now posting for the first time this year!!!


Jessica Loughrey said...

nice to see that someone else is moving at a turtle pace with ttv! i've just started watching the videos, only about 5 in and i did pick out and cut apart my covers. love the covers that you picked, i'd say you're coming along nicely. :)

gaye said...

Love the postoid idea and your covers. Went antiquing yesterday looking for Venice stuff for you and came up empty. :-(

carol said...

great idea to make the TTV class photo into stamps! Love Love Love. I am a paper source addict myself. Hard to get out of the store without at least one piece of paper and one new pen.