Thursday, March 7, 2013

Making a Case

On a recent post, I showed some fabric I had painted.  In the meantime, I have experimented with making little zippered bags with the fabric.
 My main goal was to make a cigarette case for a friend (who will remain nameless) because her ratty old cigarette case, so cool and unique a few years ago, desperately needed replacing.
Before I used my painted fabric, I decided I'd better practice on regular fabric.  After all, I was flying by the seat of my pants, making it up as I went along.  I haven't put a zipper in anything in about 30 years!  My first effort turned out okay, but I was pretty sure it was too narrow at the top.
My next bags were too big, but to be sure, I had to actually go and buy some cigarettes and a lighter and see how they fit. 
There was too much excess space, so I thought maybe I could put a divider in the middle and she could put her cellphone in one side.
When all was said and done, she loved the case, but I bought the wrong blend of cigarettes.  Plus, she already has a very cool case for her new iPhone.  But it was fun experimenting anyway!  Makes me want to do more playing with painting fabric and sewing little bags.




Anonymous said...

The little painted bag was fabulous! Buy it was the thought and effort that was put into it that made it soooooo special! Thank You my friend. All your efforts did not go unnoticed. x0x0x0x

Carol P said...

You should seriously sell these on Ebay. Very cool