Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The dictionary called...

Yep, the dictionary called and wants it word back.  That would be my word for the year (Action), which I liked so much last year that I carried it over to this year.

I have hit some kind of slump for about a month.  Maybe it's the dark winter days, feeling yucky half the time, just general malaise.  I haven't even been journaling much.  And the problem is, I keep so many different journals, now I have this anxious feeling of never "catching up".  Totally self-imposed guilt, but I'll get over it.

Friend Gaye and I went to a stamp convention last weekend in Indianapolis, and my plan was to buy more Dylusions sprays - I particularly wanted all the new colors.  The new colors were mostly sold out, but I did buy some colors I didn't have already.  And I bought replacements of some I had before. I love these sprays so much, they are the first ones I have actually used up completely!

I hate it when I waste time looking for things I have misplaced.  I had started a color chart of my sprays, but couldn't find it to add the new colors.  It was quicker to go back to the internet and print off a new one.  I have no affiliation with Ranger, but I love that they have blank charts of their sprays and stamp pads that you can print off. 

At the stamp convention, I also got these new stencils (Coffee Break).  Can't wait to use them.

Daylight Savings Time was last week, and I am hoping the extra daylight at the end of the day will help infuse more energy to get back to that whole action thing!

(Daylight savings time is an illusion - I once heard it said that moving the clocks ahead an hour is like cutting a foot of fabric off a blanket on one end and sewing it on the other end, and then expecting the blanket to be longer.  It's not, but somehow setting the clock ahead an hour feels like the days are longer!)

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j.La said...

You crack me up! "The dictionary called." I love how your mind works!