Sunday, March 3, 2013

Scores of Drawers

What I saw at the antique mall on Saturday.  If only...!

The first one is huge - about six feet high and at least as wide.  I did not spend $1295 and buy it.
I did not buy the second one (didn't see a price either).
I did not buy the two sets of drawers at $195 each.
I did drool over them all.
I did, however, spend $2 on this little book about Venice, with its fold-out map and its color and black & white pictures.   



J.La said...

I feel your excitement! How I'd love to line the walls of my home with scores of drawers!!
The Venice book is so perfect for your Venice book!!
Treasures found!

Caatje said...

Oh, that top one, I want it so much! No money for it, no place to put it and lets not even think about the distance between it and me geographically, but I still want it!