Sunday, March 8, 2015

Colors and Shapes

First Saturday in March = road trip to Indianapolis...I shoveled snow off and on for two days to clear out enough of a path to get my car from point A (garage) to point B (the road)!  The kind people at the county road department kept gifting me with Mt. Everest at the end of my driveway (mounds of rock hard frozen snow every time the snow plow went by), but I eventually felt comfortable that I had cleared enough that I could get out for the road trip.

Had no trouble getting to Gaye's once I got out of my driveway.  The interstate was pretty clear, but as I drove by abandoned cars, covered in snow, I kept thinking about all the people that were stranded there for 24 hours in their cars only a few days before.  We just don't get that kind of snow, and it came in fast, too fast for the plows to keep the interstates clear.  It brought out the best in people, in most cases, with fellow travelers checking on each other, sharing food and water.  I hope we don't see that kind of weather again anytime soon.  The first day of spring is only days away, after all.

I didn't spend a lot at the Heirloom Rubber Stamp Show.  I bought ink pads and stencils.  I am gravitating more and more to Archival ink pads, and I wanted more colors of those.  I woke up at 4 a.m. this morning and stamped out every color I bought plus the ones I already had.  I also bought a StazOn mini pad to try out.  I didn't know they made the mini size like that.

I started having trouble remembering the other colors I had considered getting but didn't.  So I went online to check what was available from Ranger.  While there, I printed out these color labels they had, ran them through the Xyron, and attached them to the stamp pads.  When I do art, I am very, very messy and work in a messy environment.  But the other side of my brain really like to have some order and organization. 
They didn't have labels to print for the Wendy Vecchi colors.  Too bad, as those are the ones I like the best and have been adding to my stash.

And as long as I was hanging out with my new supplies, I took the stencils I had bought and tested them all out on a page in a journal.  It already had yellow paint on the page, paint that was left over from something else and got brushed on the page.
I really like the ATC sized stencils I bought.  The company was new to me, Sweet Stamps.  I don't know why no one thought of ATC size stencils before.  Of course, you could use a regular stencil on an ATC, but I like the fact that the design itself is smaller in proportion. 

So, good day overall and a good trip as always.  I only took one picture, and that was of the dinosaurs at a museum next to where we stopped for gas.   Good thing I didn't take any once-in-a-lifetime pictures, because once again, my camera card was in my computer at home and not in my camera (I hate that about my new computer.. the card slot is hard to see and I constantly forget to take the card out).

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Medbury Gaye said...

Great page and I like all the colors you bought. I like mine too. Still thinking about the Hero color they were out of