Saturday, March 14, 2015

DLP 2015 - Index Page

I realized I had not posted the index page I made for the Documented Life Project journal.  This is in the front of my journal, and I used vintage library due date stickers for each month, where I will list the monthly theme and the weekly prompts and challenges.
A word about vintage due date stickers... the good news is, they are stickers.  You can lick them and stick them on top of acrylic paint and they stay attached remarkably well.
The bad news is.. well, imagine a basement full of smelly old books.  That's what they tasted like when I licked them.  By the time I got to May, I would lick, stick, turn my head and go ptuey, ptuey, ptuey, then lick the next one.  Somewhere I have a thing that holds water and was used for wetting postage stamps, back before they all became self adhesive.  But I was too lazy to go look for it and wanted to get my page done.  So, the ptuey method worked just fine.


Medbury Gaye said...

What a great look! Those are so cool. Love the page.

Claudia MB said...

I love this idea. Also the "ptuey method."