Friday, August 14, 2015

Bright Spot

I've been playing.  Not necessarily in my DLP journal, but on other journal pages.  I went to Stampaway in Cincinnati last weekend with friend Gaye.  Unbelievably, I did not buy a single rubber stamp.  First time ever.  But I did buy stencils, stamp pads, tools, and paints.  I try not to jump on the band wagon of every new thing that comes out, but can't help but be drawn to the new Dylusions paints.  I love anything Dyan Reaveley does anyway, and really enjoy watching her demos at Stampaway each year. 

Most of my color palette is along the earth tones.  I also love bright colors, but just don't use them a lot.  I have been adding more bright colors to my paints and stamp pads over time, however.  Thus, I did come home with bright bright paints, and if that does not brighten up my life, I don't know what would!  They match the Dylusions sprays I already have and use.
I have only played a little so far.  The first night I was home, I could not resist opening one jar (Fresh Lime), and making some circles with a round applicator tool.  A little of this paint goes a long way, so I made more circles on other journal pages, then used what was left on the sponge with a new stencil.  This paint even looks great on plain old newsprint paper!
I have continued to play a little each day this week, mostly in my "test" journal where I play with new things.  Bright yellow background (Lemon Zest), red and purple on top with stencils (Post Box Red and Crushed Grape), and black added (I did not buy the Dylusions black, but used black gesso that I already had on hand).

Any leftover paint goes into other journals... this is a small journal that already had a layer of grayish paint on the pages, and I used up the purple and black gesso.  (The purple is not as bright because it is mixed with white gesso... I had a reason for doing that at the time, but don't remember what it is at the moment!)
Lots of fun!  I only bought four of the round applicators, and you certainly don't have to have those to use the paint.  But I do like this tool.  It's been a week since I used the green paint, and the sponge did not dry hard at all.  I liked using the edge of the sponge to get paint in only a small part of a stencil.  And on the big purple flower (if I remember correctly), I might have used the edge of the sponge tool with almost no paint left to just swipe "ghost" streaks around the flower (look closely to see that).

Wishing you Bright days as well!!

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Medbury Gaye said...

Looks like a fun week of playing with your new paints. Love all the bright colors and how easy it is to paint with your fingers. It doesn't streak and love the transparency of the paint. Yum! Yum! Yummy!