Friday, August 7, 2015

DLP Catch Up Week 16

I keep jumping around in my DLP Journal.  I went back to April, Week 16, and worked on a double page spread.  The  Challenge was "gelli plate".  I don't have a gelli plate (which is probably why I skipped that week in the first place!)  But I did have some painted deli papers that were used as gift wrap on some birthday presents I received a few months ago.  Back in Week 1 of DLP, one of my goals was to "use what I have".  If there is one thing I'm happy about, it's that I have done a lot of that with this journal. 

First, I stamped out the prompt "A lot on my plate" on the top right side.  On the left side, I did random writing about what I have on my plate (work, life, worries, etc).   The deli paper was then glued on top of those two pages, with the writing and stamping showing through the deli paper.  I had just enough to cover the two pages.  I put down regular masking tape to stamp out the theme and date, adding some washi tape too.  I used yellow acrylic paint and stencils to add some leaves and flowers to the pages.  It wasn't as bright as I hoped, so I outlined them with black pen.

I still need to work with the pages to make them pop a little more, and I think I will add another piece of paper to write about my technique.

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Medbury Gaye said...

Great page! The papers worked well together and liked the writing. Looks done to me.