Sunday, August 30, 2015

Half empty or Half full

Yep.. still behind on my assignments for Documented Life Project journal.  The year is more than half over.  But when I look at my journal, I'm happy to see it is roughly half full.  Of course, it's half empty too! 
I need to add some writing and other things to the June page I was working on.  I made a fold out page and combined three weeks.  It just seemed that the themes for those three weeks fit together as one for me.
If you look at the colorful paper on the page where my tags are, that is "geo paper" that I made several years ago.  It took me forever to find a link to the instructions (mainly because it's from 2011).  It's the last piece I have from the play session back then.  Jill Berry has a tutorial here and it's lots of fun. 

Even if I get behind on the weekly assignments, I do work on the monthly calendar for each month, and am now working on both July and August.  September... right around the corner!!  Breathing down my neck!

For some reason, I started thinking about that phrase about half empty versus half full.  In my mind, if something is half empty, it seems more of a negative thing.  Something is missing.  But if it is half full, it is a positive thing... there is potential for something else.  There is more in the future!  Or at least that's how my mind was seeing it, as it rambled and wandered around those thoughts!

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