Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Taking a Leap

Thought I needed to catch up on posting some of my planner pages.  So, it's February now.  The theme for DLP UnPlanner for February is "Love Without Hesitation--Taking the Leap"... blah, blah, blah.  Okay, people who know me know that I'm sarcastic.  So that is what fell out of my head when I worked on that theme! 
Coincidentally, the same weekend the theme came out, I received an email from Erin Smith Art, where I have bought things online before.  (Caution, her items are funny,but some may find the language on some items offensive. Fair warning!)  Anyway, I printed the art on the right hand page directly from her website.  Seemed to fit perfectly for me.

The first week challenge was to use thread or floss, so I sewed around the art, plus made an art card with paper that already had a stitched pattern in it. I just realized the challenge for the second week was to use shades of one color.  I think that art card might do double duty and work for both weeks!
I'm dismayed to find my binder is filling up very fast.  At this rate, it will be full by the end of March.  We were instructed to get two binders for the year, so I do have more than one, but I have to reassess right now.  I'm now making my weekly pages with either paper or lighter weight cardstock.  There is one monthly assignment that I may skip, as it's not really speaking to me (the Dare2B assignments).  

Leaping onto the next challenge... 

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