Saturday, February 6, 2016

Random Things

In no particular order (because these are not from the same weeks), new things in my 2016 Planner include:

Monthly view for February:
I had printed blank calendars on several different papers last month, and thought red would be good for February.  I used an edge punch to make the right side border... and accidentally tore part of the design.  A tab covers that nicely.  My planner is a bit flat because I haven't added a lot in the way of 3D embellishments.  I came across this birthday card a friend made for me several years ago.  I like the way it looks with my red February pages, plus it adds some dimension.

Miscellaneous things to use:
One of my weekly pages above, which was printed on scrapbook paper.  I'm finding I like to print on scrapbook papers.  I also discovered a stack of papers from the freebies in Somerset Studio magazine.  One is on the left, a good choice for February.  They have printing and advertisement on the back, but folded in half they make a good sturdy page ready for embellishment.  Came across the giant playing card and I'm not sure yet what I will do with it, but it seems right for February.

Art card and List 10 card:
The small art card on the right was for an assignment to use something from a flyer or magazine.  Instead, I used some numbers from the selvage edge of fabric.  I sewed it to the card, which already has paper with mark making from one of my play days.  I used it last year in the DLP journal, and enjoyed finding a use for this smaller piece.  (Seriously, these selvage edges are as popular as the inside of security envelopes.  Just do an internet search for fabric selvage images and see all the things people are doing with these scraps that were meant to be thrown away.)
One of the monthly assignments will be to list 10 things (last month was 10 books that influenced you).  I happened to have a pad of blank lists, found on a sale table once.  I collaged and stenciled a large tag where I will place my list, and added a batik fabric tie at the top.
The first month of the DLP Planner is behind us.  Moving on to the February challenges. 

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Medbury Gaye said...

I'm loving how you are using up papers from other projects. They all look great and work great. Use up that stash!