Sunday, January 24, 2016

Seeing Red

I have not yet read the prompts for the coming week (#4) of the DLP 2016 planner, but I did start my weekly page early and really love it.

For my background page, I used a scrap piece of bristol board from a play day in the past when I tested new stencils and paints.  I have a stash of papers like this and never liked this one, but for some reason, I decided the to use it as the weight is good for a page in the planner.
I used vintage labels for the days of the week, cutting them in half so they didn't take up so much room.
I put washi tape on the left side and added a nice little art element with the bird, which was on a gift tag last year from friend Gaye.

I couldn't decide how to separate the days of the week.  A strip of black washi tape between each one seemed too much.  Drawing a dark black line with a permanent marker didn't seem to strike a chord with me ether.   Ah.. my Inktense black watercolor pencil.  Still my favorite tool.  I quickly scribbled lines around the page and between the days.
I held my breath and applied water to the pencil lines.  You never know what it will actually look like until the pencil is activated with water.  But I really liked it.  It was just the grungy look I was going for, and I really liked how the acrylic paint resisted the watercolor.
The piece of bristol board I used was pretty big before I cut it down.  In addition to the acrylic paint on it, it had a shimmery spray that I had also tested.  Rather than cut the page to the exact size I needed, I kept it long on one end and folded it over, so the part where the holes are is double thickness.  I glued down some kraft paper under that flap that was formed and put some decorative tape over the edge of the flap.    
 I'm not sure what will go on that page, so I guess I'd better go look at the assignment now! 

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Medbury Gaye said...

Stay away from the assignment; you're doing just fine without it. Both pages look fabulous. Stunning! Love them both.