Sunday, January 10, 2016

Getting Organized

For some reason, I have trouble with this new planner project.  Not with making my pages, but gathering my thoughts about what to do each week.  Simple solution...  Make a page to go in my planner that tells me. I copied part of it directly from the website and printed it on cardstock to fit the page size.  I need to double check that I have the information right, then embellish the page some and permanently attach the vintage plastic divider tab.  This will come in handy for my scattered brain.

One thing I missed about last year's journal is that I had a place in the beginning of my book where I listed all the assignments for each week and month.  The great thing about this planner is that you do what you want with it.  So, I made some pages where I can record the assignments.  I simply used a ledger type paper, put some reinforcement at the edge and punched holes.  I printed the DLP header off the website to put on the first page.

I have not completed this week's assignment, but I feel a whole lot better about seeing at a glance what I need to do! 

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Medbury Gaye said...

I totally get it. You needed an index page! Today, I put a KCG section in mine. I feel so organized now. ☺️ Love the long index tab.