Saturday, January 23, 2016

Play dates

Forgot to post this earlier, but this is what I played with for Week 3 of the DLP 2016 planner.  I still have to finish some of it. 

Left:  the Dare2Be card.  I edged the page with my printed label stickers, then printed out the free download to put on top of that.  I picked my word to use (hopeful)... I have a lot to say about that on my card as I feel I have been challenged in all areas of my life in the past year or two. 

Middle:  My weekly date page.  I printed the template on scrapbook paper that I cut to size to fit my printer.  I used my hole reinforcers that I decorated last week.  For the days of the week, I cut the words from a small pocket size datebook from years past.

Right:  I printed out the template for a To Do List and attached it to a really pretty envelope, then punched holes on the left so I can put it in the planner.  Inside the envelope are some notes and ideas about those things I need To Do!  The envelope is held closed with an arrow shaped paper clip.

Three of the days on the weekly calendar have the word "snow" on them!  brrrr... I know it's winter, but it seems like we always get a lot of snow all at once. 

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