Sunday, January 3, 2016

I Feel Dated

Played around with the Week 1 assignment for DLP 2016 off and on this weekend.  I'm trying to follow instructions and figure out exactly what I'm supposed to do this first week. As usual, I do have a way of straying off the beaten path.  It's only week 1, so that doesn't bode well! 

What I have done so far is:
Monthly divider page for January.  I used a black cardstock page, collaged some map gift wrap tissue from a  Christmas gift along with some vintage postage, and two rows of washi tape. Added a label tab for the month, used a corner rounder, and called it good.  (Note to self:  When using the corner rounder, do it before adding the month tab.)

January Calendar:  Printed off a blank calendar from the downloads, lettered the month, and stamped the numbers.   (Note to self:  Next time use the other calendar, the one that starts on Sunday.  I get very confused with weeks that start with Monday.)  I printed one of my journal pages onto label paper and put labels on the left side of the calendar, and some washi tape on the right side.  Used the corner rounder, and called it good.

Instead of using one of the downloads for the weekly view, I used a timecard.  And instead of making an art card this week, I used the back of the timecard/weekly calendar to make an art card.  I have a plastic sleeve this will go in, with holes punched on the left for the three ring binder.  The front (weekly) part of the card is pretty self explanatory.
For the art card part, I lightly painted it with acrylic paint.  I noticed the words about lost time and time out, and left those visible.  I added on random words all over the card (Archival stamp pad ink) from a word stencil.

I still need to add my notes about technique as well as the challenge and prompt. 
January Challenge:  Trying something new (for me, this Unplanner will be something new).
Week 1 Prompt:  Incorporate 16 into your art. 

Not totally happy with everything, but I don't hate it.  Not going to go back at this point and change anything! 


Medbury Gaye said...

I like all of it. The divider page is cool and really like what you did with the time card. Onward!

Pat said...

And of course the tissue paper, vintage postage, time card, number tab and envelope flap all came from you! :)