Friday, January 15, 2016

Holey Moley

I've been wanting to do something fun with hole reinforcers.  I started by stamping designs in black ink. 
 Then I sponged on different colors of stamp pad ink. That's all there is to it.  Quick and easy.
 Or so I thought.  I seem to have taken up permanent residence in the Land of Oblivion.  In the picture below, notice that the sheet on the left has no hole reinforcers on it.  That's because they are on the reverse side of that sheet.  How I could have been so oblivious to stamp and sponge the whole sheet without noticing that is beyond me.  But when I realized it, I just turned it over and repeated it all over again.  But you know, once I have used up the reinforcers, that back side of the sheet with all those holes would make a nice embellishment.
 As will my scrap paper where I worked, with all those dots. 
The Land of Oblivion provides lots of happy accidents as a bonus to its residents.

1 comment:

Medbury Gaye said...

Love it. I have some sheet to play with. Looks like a project for today! Thanks for the inspiration.