Sunday, April 3, 2016

March Turns to April

In the last post, I showed my weekly pages (DLP 2016 planner) for March 13 and March 20.  On the left side, you can see where I sewed fabric and a vinyl pocket page to the previous week.  On the black cardstock, I used green Dylusions paint and a new stencil I was trying out. Not sure what else will go on that page, maybe nothing else at all.
For the week of March 27, I went in yet another different direction.  I had some regular sized pocket pages, and picked the green one to use since I was using a lot of green.  I cut it to fit the size of my planner binder.  I put washi tape on the right side to keep contents from falling out of the pocket.  Since April was right around the corner, I punched a tab from scrapbook paper and stamped April on it. My birthday happened to fall during that week, so I will put some birthday notes and goodies in the pocket.
In the past, I never would have done this, but I got out one of my play journals and cut part of a page out to use for my April monthly calendar in the planner.  I liked how it looks with my green theme.
I drew circles for the days of the month, using a black water color pencil.   I had a vision in my head of what this was going to look like.  I used white paint to roughly paint in the circles, which activated the black watercolor.  Hmm... does not look like the vision in my head at all.  Maybe I should have used green instead of black.
But I kept going.  Stamped the numbers for the days, added a border, and days and month at the top.
I wasn't one hundred percent happy with it, but I'm keeping it anyway.  And it looked just fine next to the green pocket page.  Or, it did at the time....


Medbury Gaye said...

I loved how the page turned out even though I had my doubts at the beginning. Couldn't tell if the numbers were on mounding paste or not. They look dimensional. Very cool.

Medbury Gaye said...

Also, really liked how your pattern turned out.