Sunday, April 3, 2016

Marching through March

As always in my DLP 2016 planner, I try to find new ways to make a weekly calendar.  In March, I was feeling the impending arrival of spring.  I had a children's book that had big sturdy pages with a lot of white(ish) space on them.  I cut one of the pages to fit my printer and used that for the week of March 13.  

For the week of March 20, I was in a  hurry and simply made a page from graph paper, embellishing it with greens and blues. Both of these pages are very simple, but I'm always going back and adding things to past weeks.  
I don't make a PAC (pocket art card) every week, but I do need a place to store the ones I do make.  I have some pages that store 4 cards, but it's too big for this binder.  I cut one in half, leaving the seam to hold the cards in, and sewed it to the outer edge of the page.  I put fabric over the vinyl of the pocket page so it would be easier to sew through without slipping all over the place.
One week's PAC assignment was to use leaves.  I cut the card from the same piece of practice scrap that I have used for several things already this year.  I punched small leaves from old book paper.

Another week's assignment was to celebrate white space.  I recently came across some watercolor flowers from a class years ago.  We painted around the flower shapes, leaving the white space.  I cut out a card from the larger class sheet, and stuck it in the pocket.  That way I'll see it and remember to go back to it and work on it later. 

I think sewing on the right hand side will move some of the bulk of this planner to the outer edge, rather than the center of the book, where a lot of bulk is already building up!

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Medbury Gaye said...

Love how you've used the pocket page.