Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Journal Play

Another journal page in progress, in a journal where I paint the pages with leftover paint from other projects.  I needed some play time, and didn't want to do a whole page, just doodle.  I started with a big stencil and some watercolor pencils.

I traced around the stencil with two colors (black and brown).  Just a messy trace, not really pretty.
 Used a brush to paint the pencil lines with water.  It really gave it a dimensional look.
 A couple of days later, I used different stencils to put pattern in a few of the openings.
 Today I used a face stencil and added half a face.
 I like having this to doodle on just to take a break from other things. Who knows how it will end up!

1 comment:

Medbury Gaye said...

Oh it's so cool. Love how it's taking shape. Love all of it.