Tuesday, July 14, 2009

All Lined Up

Sometimes I like things to be really orderly. When I'm deep in an art project, I work best with chaos and deadlines. Maybe I have a split personality. I like to think I'm just multifaceted.

I do have some kind of obsessive need to make charts and graphs, to line things up

Like the cigar labels above.....

I bought a box of art supplies at a yard sale for $5. Included in the box were a bunch of tubes of watercolor paint. I have plenty of watercolor paint. But not that brand. So I had to mix some up and see what it looked like. And if I'm testing it on hot press paper, might as well test it on cold press paper while I have everything all mixed up. Of course, it looks no different than all the other watercolors I have. But seeing colors all lined up was my Happy for the day.
Last year, I got a new crown punch. I sat and punched crowns from magazine ads. Shame to just throw them out. Might as well line them all up on a page!

This is a book I made a couple of years ago, with the signatures sewn on Tyvek strips. I call it the fuzzy book. That's because only After I made the book did I realize the black paper I used on the cover sheds like crazy, leaving black fuzz everywhere. Not only that, but I somehow got the sewing all wonky, and it is very crooked (not as obvious in the picture as it is in person). I'm not about to let a handmade book go to waste. I have been using it as a sample book for some of my paints (mostly Jacquard). If I have no time to play on anything else, just painting out color charts does it for me in a pinch!!

Go find your Happy for the day......

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