Thursday, July 9, 2009

aRt sTuff

Art stuff... we need it, we have it, we need to organize it. Don't you love this sign? It can be lighted from the back.

It can be backed with colored vellum and be psychedelic!

Last year in August, after we attended Stampaway, Gaye and I took the long way home and hit part of the World's Longest Yard Sale. It starts in northern Kentucky, just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati, and goes through Kentucky, Tennessee, and into Alabama--654 miles of hidden bargains and treasures. I never much liked yard sales. When I did go, I always seems to find a lot of baby clothes and hand made potholders. That was before I met a professional yard sale person! It really pays to follow one of these rare breeds around. They know without getting out of the car if it is worth stopping. They can spot something cool from a distance. And sometimes I think they have x-ray vision, and can see through a closed cardboard box under a table.

So, last year, one of the cool finds was the letters that spell "art". They look like they went on a lighted sign in their former life. And they just fit in the slotted picture holder I got a long time ago. The wooden base has a slot for pictures and has a second slot for specially made aluminum letters that slide in. The letters have since been discontinued, so don't ask!

My sign is perched atop a cabinet I bought a couple of years ago. The outside of the cabinet is an old orange crate. The drawers (35 in all) are wooden cheese boxes. I don't know how old it is, but when is the last time you bought cheese that came in a wooden box, not a cardboard box? I have slowly been adding different knobs. I have more knobs, but have an issue with finding the right screws. I am also slowly trying to figure out what to put in the drawers. I'm almost ready to call it the Coffee Break cabinet. The drawers are perfect for holding test tubes, lucite hands, people buttons, etc. It takes me forever, but I do have hopes of one day having everything where I want it, ready and useable!

The knob on the left is one of those "I wonder" things... "I wonder what it would look like if I put fabric on here with a rubber band..."

Enough art stuff... time for work stuff....

Addendum: I stand corrected. I just checked the web site of the Longest Yard Sale, and it actually starts in West Unity, Ohio. Their web site also says that HGTV is looking for people attending this year, to compete against each other in shopping. Game on! (just kidding)


Mike M. said...

The "Art Stuff" could be recreated pretty easily - do you think people would be interested?

MIke M. said...


Pat said...

I think people might be interested. Always thinking, huh?!

Mike M. said...

I'll play around with it.