Thursday, July 2, 2009

Restless Brain Syndrome

I don't know if there is such a thing as restless brain syndrome, but if there is, I have it. It's like restless leg syndrome, but in my head. Sometimes my mind is going in a hundred different directions wanting to do things, if only I had the time for all of it. It started with paper flowers. I first saw them on the Rag and Bone blog (listed on the side, see their April archives). I really wanted to make some but never got around to it. Then I saw on Ginny's blog that she made some, and it renewed my interest. (They look very cool with that map paper!) I finally did make some in the past couple of days, using pages from a book printed in German.

Then I noticed something. Remember the memo cubes I talked about? They looked like they had flower stems. If only I could plant my paper flowers on those memo cubes.

So, I played around with different ideas, and finally simply used black wire. I poked one end into the back of the flower, and used a smaller piece of wire to wrap the flower stem to the memo cube "stem". Then I thought the flower would look even better with a bead of some kind on the end of the wire that came out through the center of the flower. When I was rummaging for some beads, I came across the typewriter keys brads with prongs on the back. They are not even attached to the flowers, I just jabbed them into the center. The prongs went in between the folds of the paper, and everything held together.

Now I am resting my brain for awhile after growing a crop of paper flowers...

(The Rag & Bone blog has 3 links to instructions for making the flowers. I used the instructions at Folding Trees.)

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Paula;) said...

THESE ARE JUST WONDERFUL GIRLS - just wonderful. I absolutely LOVE THEM - just love them. I love the blocks too. They are just as great.