Monday, September 14, 2009

Feeling All Canvas-y

I'm feeling some excitement and anticipation. Next month, Lisa Engelbrecht is coming to Louisville for a weekend workshop. I just can't wait to slop some paints and inks around on canvas and fabric. Admittedly, I do have her DVD, and I also have her book. But you just can't beat a classroom setting, getting personal instruction, and feeding off the creative energy of your friends.

Last year, when I got her DVD, I did play around with some inks on muslin. And, as I am wont to do (especially when using the word "wont"), I got out all my writing implements and did a test sheet to see what writes well on fabric, what's waterproof and what's not, etc. I used everything from Sharpies to markers to pens, then swiped it with a wet brush.

I will be gathering and assembling for the next few weeks, getting just the right things to pack. Can't wait.

And I'll also be perusing Lisa's Flickr photos, to see what she and her other students have been doing. Love the fabric books!!

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