Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Older Than A Happy Meal

Holy Cow... I just saw on the news that the McDonald's Happy Meal is 30 years old today. That made me feel old, so I thought I'd make you guys feel old right along with me. I admit that as an adult, I do occasionally get a kids meal at the fast food places. It's quick, (sometimes cheap), not too much food, and you get a toy! For years, I have saved the toys, putting them in a bag in the pantry. I figured I'd give them to my niece. But she's 21 now, so I doubt she'd want them. I just looked in the stash to see if there was anything interesting amongst the toys. I found this Hello Kitty, Hula Hoop version. Stand her up, wind up the key, and wheeeee, look at that hula hoop spin.

[Disclaimer: Note to friends and family.... I do not, nor have I ever, collected Hello Kitty stuff. The presence of Hello Kitty on my blog in no way indicates that I am in need of an onslaught of Hello Kitty trinkets. Got it? Good.]

I feel the need to balance out/purge the cuteness from this post. So here's a sneak peak of a metal book cover I've been working on. The only thing that is permanent on it so far is "Dept. Of The"..... and I'm playing with word tags, metal embellishments, etc. The picture below says "Dept. of the strange and fragile". You can't get much more anti-Kitty than that!!

It will eventually have a leather spine attached. Both fall and spring seasons make me want to create things, and this cool weather has my mind going in all directions. I think I was looking at pictures of some Tracy Moore journals earlier and now I'm yearning to make a metal cover. I was also looking at dj pettitt's blog and am also yearning to make a fabric/paper book. Decisions, decisions...
Go celebrate the happy meal.....

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Mike M. said...

I'm always quick to get a happy meal if the toy is good.