Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saturday Sights

I know it's a long three day weekend for most, but since I have to work smack in the middle of the three days, it doesn't even feel like a weekend, much less a holiday weekend. Nevertheless, I did venture out today. There's a place a few miles away, an old Victorian house. It is owned by a lady who lives in Florida most of the time, where she works at Disney. When she is back here, she sometimes opens her shop. It has an interesting mix of things, from Wizard of Oz stuff, to shabby chic furniture, to old books and games, fun decorative items old and new. This week, she was having a porch sale, and charged $5 a bag for whatever you got off the porch. Most items inside were half price. I did manage to come away with a bag of stuff, plus a box of old linens and gloves. She now has fabric, and it was very nice and reasonably priced, but I guess I wasn't in a fabric frame of mind today. Some of the fabric was left over from Disney costumes, and some was fabric used in the theme rooms at Disney. Since she probably won't be back until next spring, it's too late for me to change my mind about bringing any of it home.
---There were a couple of things that tempted me greatly. One thing was one of those old metal time card holders, with slots from top to bottom. I could have had it for half price, but for the life of me I couldn't justify it or even think what I'd use it for. The other thing that caught my eye was marked as an old barber's cabinet. It was about six feet tall, with lots of drawers and pull down shelves, and was also reasonably priced. I think I liked it because it was turquoise. Like an old turquoise refrigerator from the 50s. But I know for sure I have no place for something like that.
---So, in the end, I was happy with what I got, and happy with what I didn't get. This is the house. The past two winters have been very hard on it, and the owner said she is still cleaning and fixing up.

I stopped at Michael's on the way home, mainly in search of a couple of magazines I've been wanting, and that is one of only two places locally that might have them. They had these charms marked "clearance" but I didn't even know they had these, much less had them long enough for a clearance sale. I think they were marked just for suckers like me--that clearance sign is like a magnet!
And then as I was checking out, something truly, truly awful happened. As if I weren't brainwashed enough already to buy all those number charms (plus a couple of other things in the clearance section), I spied something near the register. I tried to ignore it. It kept staring back at me. I tried to focus on looking in my purse for my sunglasses, my keys, anything to divert my eyes. But it kept staring at me. I was powerless. I couldn't resist. I bought the Hello Kitty mint tin. What's happened to me? If this happens again, I may need an intervention or an exorcism or something. To justify it, I reminded myself that I did use to collect tins. I even decorated an Altoid tin years ago and put a book in it titled Field Guid to Mint Tins, complete with descriptions, reviews, and a map of where the tins were found...just like a field guide for birds! So, is it so awful to get a Hello Kitty tin? Well, in retrospect it was. Because the "mints" were sour apple flavor...yuk. Serves me right!


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gaye said...

Would loved to have seen the turquoise cabinet. I know I would have bought it. Just can't resist a cool cabinet even though I end up selling it cause no room for it.