Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday Sideline

It was great to see lots of friends at Gaye's studio sale on Saturday. I tried so hard to not bring home a lot of stuff that I have to find a place for, but I really get in trouble with books. I have good intentions when I get them... either to use the cool covers or to use the pages in projects. But when I do get them home, I don't want to tear them up, so I just keep adding to the stack!

Anyway... I don't have a lot of pictures of shoppers and the basement where the activity was. My job was to play doorman, letting people in, giving them a shopping bag, and directing them downstairs. During lulls, I spent my time taking pictures of anything nearby that had a face on it. I can't stress enough how cool Gaye's house is. First-time sale-goers always want a tour. Actually, that goes for second-timers, third-timers, etc...

I have been in Gaye's house many, many, many times, and even I keep seeing things I've never noticed before.

So what kind of house is this that intrigues people so much? It's the kind of house where you stare at a lovely woman in a red dress with shiny black boots, only to realize it's actually an umbrella.

It's the kind of house that has a whimsical doorstop, two bathing beauties under an umbrella.

It's the kind of place where you will find interesting smoking stands. (And before you start to gasp at my political un-correctness in talking about smoking, think about how rare a smoking stand is these days, or even an ashtray. They have gone the way of wooden dominoes, wooden rulers, and things that have mostly been replaced by plastic, only smoking stands are not being replaced by anything. So her interesting finds are sure to be even more unique because of their scarcity.)
Here's one with a very interesting woman's head and face. The other one is a little guy whose hat lifts up to reveal the ashtray part.

Her house is also the kind of house where old mixes with new in every corner. I don't like to think I covet other people's things, but these books...oh, they are soooo beautiful. If I thought I could get away with stealing them, I would. But she knows where I live!

Her house is also the kind of place where you might even find a surprise in the refrigerator. Her motto is that you should find something that makes you happy no matter where you look. So it is not at all unusual to find a fresh flower in a vase when you open the refrigerator door.

Or, on the shelf above it, something to just make you laugh!

That's the report from the land of Gaye Joy.... She has cleared out lots of things so she can concentrate on her "new focus", which many people asked about. I think she is going to start raising chickens and selling eggs on the side or something. But you didn't hear it from me.
Back to your regularly scheduled program!


gaye said...

Oh Pat, you make me sound so cool. I love it. Thanks!

Pat said...

Maybe *I* should be the one writing the review for the paper!! If they don't do a good job, I'll have to write a letter to the editor.

I just realized all that fun stuff in your refrigerator is color coordinated. Please tell me you don't buy groceries only if they coordinate with the inside of your fridge! You've got a flair, that's for sure!

gaye said...

I'm going to tell the lady to read your blog. She can just copy what you said. You make me sound pretty special. Thanks, my friend.
And I hadn't thought about coordinating my food but thats an idea. You know, you eat with your eyes.

Mike M. said...

Today I'm back to my normal 82% and still annoyed that we didn't get a special Pat & Gaye fix!

I'll be looking for those power drinks! We have a gas station close that has about 500 different power drinks.

Pat said...

Glad you are feeling better.... you and Chris were missed! She does have these organizational binges periodically though, so you'll eventually get another chance! Of course, now you'll have to wait longer for the box of St. Mike goodies.