Monday, August 10, 2009

The Goods

I've been uploading more pictures of all the fun stuff Gaye and I found. These are from the Covington yard sales....

A box of metal letters that we split...these were fairly weighty letters, some were about one and a half inches tall and some were about two inches tall.

A scoop of metal butterflies (or possibly angel wings???)

We bought two sets of "tumbler jackets"--you know, those things to keep your glass from sweating. These had very cool metal numbers on them. We later discovered the numbers have prongs on the back, so they were easy to remove and will be easy to attach to something else.

Gaye bought this lovely lady. I suspect her face is a painted gourd or possibly another type of rind-ish fruit. I do know (because I grew up playing in cotton fields down south) that her colored hair ends are cotton bolls (the seed pod part of the cotton plant, where the fluffy white cotton grows).

Gaye bought these at a sidewalk sale at one of the businesses. She already has several of these at home, and got four more for a dollar to add to her collection. I guess the tattoo/biker shop felt they were worth 25 cents each, but we know better!!

Before we even hit the sales on Saturday, I realized I had left my hat at home. And the heat and humidity returned with a vengence on Saturday. We were in a church parking lot sale (envision hot, hot blacktop parking lot) and I decided I would buy the next hat I came across. So, that is how I ended up with this hat (from a missionary group).

Check this out... this is one of Gaye's wonderful finds along the way. This was a whole board full of these ticket type thingies.

The best part is, when you pulled them off and unwrapped them, more numbers inside....

And speaking of numbers, when I got home and spread out my purchases from Stampaway, I discovered that I mostly got numbers... number stencils, metal number tabs, numbers on mounted stamps, a numbered embossing plate, unmounted numbers.... Can you say Obsession?

This is the rest of my yard sale finds. More rulers (long ruler, short ruler, folding ruler, wooden ruler, metal ruler).....

....and a hodgepodge of other stuff (old wood stamps, small frames, old glasses, metal phone number dial, and odd 'n ends for book projects some day.)

Again, we did not really travel that far on Hwy 127 (unless you count backtracking in search of a gas station when we almost ran out of gas), but we did find some great items in the short distance we did travel. It's a pretty area too, with lots of black and white fences along the way (it is horse country, you know).

Until next year.....

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Paula: Louisville said...

I am so FREAKING JEALOUS. WOW - great finds. ONe day I will be able to go - when I win the lottery!!!!