Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Making a Point

I'm having trouble accepting that it's August. I'm not ready... Therefore, I've been less than enthusiastic in coming up with an August divider for my journal. But, time marches on, and so did I. I finally settled on using metal book darts.

I used a metal alphabet to hammer the word August on both sides. I wasn't crazy about all that shininess though. So I used alcohol ink, I used acrylic paint. I wiped, sanded, and painted some more. I tried to use Rub 'n Buff to get some darkness down into the letters, but I have had my tube of Rub 'n Buff longer than 10 minutes, so of course it was dried up.

I never got the look I was going for, but I finally accepted that the pointy sides weren't too bad, and declared myself finished.

The other sides, the rounded sides, did not get as much attention so they still have a lot of shine. But I declared them finished as well. Anyone who tries to take a picture of anything metal knows how hard it is to get a decent picture (at least if you are an amateur like me), so I'm hoping two bad pictures will equal one good one.

As I painted and sanded, I also did the same to a popsicle stick, thinking I might use that (maybe cut it shorter, drill some holes, and wire it to the page). That didn't work for me at all, but maybe in the future I will have a project with words hammered into wood.

The months are getting longer (or rather, the titles of the months), so anything I do from here on out will use more letters for the month titles. I'll have to keep that in mind when pondering all the "-ber" months...
----P.S.--As for the flooding in Louisville and southern Indiana today, hope all my buds are doing okay. Believe it or not, my area south did not even get any rain while Louisville was getting six inches in one hour this morning. We are getting some this afternoon, but no flooding. Take care, everyone!


gaye said...

Love the book darts. They are perfect for that project.
I stayed in all day and watches the water rise.

Mike M. said...

Extreme heat is always the answer!

Pat said...

What was the question?

Mike M. said...

Be nice - we have a face-to-face coming up soon!

Paula:) said...

Those darts are WONDERFUL. I just think that is a great idea Pat.