Sunday, August 9, 2009

It Starts Here

Gaye and I had a great trip to Cincinnati and Stampaway once again. Thursday started very early, but we got to Cincinnati in plenty of time for her first two classes that day. She taught only one class on Friday, and it was over at 10 a.m., which meant we could drive down to Covington, Ky, and take in the sales on 6th Street.

-- Okay, the sign says it "ends here", but for us, it Starts here. And now that they have added a whole section of Ohio to the Hwy 127 yard sale, I guess this sign is wrong in that it no longer ends in Covington. Nevertheless, the weather was very nice and breezy with no humidity (very unusual for August).
--You never know what you will see at all the booths, and the variety is endless. I saw a lot of things to take pictures of, but most of the time didn't want the hassle of getting the camera out. I did take a picture of this sad iron. I had never heard of a sad iron, but there is a lot of information online about them. They are flat and very heavy. I don't iron a lot, but it sure makes me appreciate a modern iron that I don't have to heat in the fireplace!

I also took a picture of this very old cloth doll's head. The seller had a higher price on it than we were willing to pay, but taking pictures is free!!

This just cracked me up (no pun intended). This framed poster was nestled among some Christmas decorations. In the interest of modesty, someone had place a piece of blue painter's tape in the center of the picture. I guess it didn't help to sell it though!

Covington is full of history and interesting old buildings. I particularly like the Goose Girl fountain on 6th Street.

---The buildings above were across the street from where we had lunch at La Cherie Bakery and Bistro. There were a lot of places to eat, each with wonderful smells to entice hungry shoppers. At this one, we were lured in by their grilled cheese sandwich on homemade bread with a fresh fruit side dish. It was yummy, and they also had lots of fresh baked cupcakes and brownies that looked like they would melt in your mouth, but we didn't try any of those. We had more shopping to do!

---Here is something we kept seeing, and it is driving me crazy trying to figure it out. This was just off Interstate 75 near our exit. In the distance there was a water tower. Sometimes it had what looked like a cloth covering over it, and other times, the covering was gone and a large frame structure is visible at the top of the tower, kind of like a gigantic shower curtain frame! If anyone knows what that might be, I'd sure like to know! It didn't look like it was being painted, but I can't figure out why there would be a cover over a water tower! (Sorry for the poor quality pictures... they were obviously taken "on the go"!) The top picture shows the tower with the frame, and the second picture shows it with the cover.

I'm not sure which day it was (I think it was Thursday evening)--we enjoyed a tiny fish sandwich at the place with the giant boy. (Big Boy now has mini-sandwiches... perfect for when you are hungry, but don't want a big meal.)

I'll be posting more later, with pictures of some of our yard sale finds.

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gaye said...

I'm going through yardsale withdrawals. All those sales in one place is a scavengers haven. Could do it every day. My heart flutters just thinking about it.