Wednesday, August 26, 2009

All Things Letters

The Kentucky State Fair is going on right now. Although I have not had a chance to go see the exhibits, I did check the website to see who won the calligraphy categories. Congratulations to Myriam Coppens for first in framed calligraphy and Connie Newbanks for calligraphy books! I have seen the works of both of these ladies in the past, and they both work magic on paper! You can check out multi-talented Connie's work here. The state fair web site only lists the first place winners in each category, so I don't know who to congratulate for second and third place.

Speaking of great calligraphy, one of my favorite things is the yearly Graceful Envelope Contest. The theme this year was Address the Environment. You can see winning entries here. Absolutely stunning calligraphy/envelope/stamp combinations. And if you have some extra time, go back and look at past years' winners. Very inspiring.

Write on!

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