Monday, June 28, 2010


My art seems so repetitive at times.

My art seems so repetitive at times.

My art seems so repetitive at times.

But not always.

What can I say... I didn't know when I bought the little top knot girl stencil that I would be crazy about her. She just says so much.  Like
I'm so happy!  or
It's Friday!  or
Let's play!  or
There's less humidity today and it is not 100 degrees!!!

I got my stencil from Coffee Break, but I believe Ginny has some over here.  Go get some happy!


Mike M. said...

That girl is "Little Lucy Rhymer".

There's a story about her.

paula:) said...

Pat - we always go back to what we love and what makes us happy. THERE IS nothing wrong with that. Enjoy her - I love her. Love the bird too. Fabulous papers!!!!

Pat said...

Okay, Mike... you can't just throw that out there and not tell where Lucy came from! Tell, tell...

And Paula, if you get right down to it, I think you are the one that started me on an obsession with spraying papers, back when you showed us at a meeting about, um, three(?) years ago. It's the one thing I can do a little at a time and eventually end up with a whole bunch of cool papers!

Mike M. said...

Little Lucy Rhymer

Little Lucy Rhymer fell into a hole.

What rhymes with dark?

What rhymes with cold?

What rhymes with dead.

Pat said...

Hmmm.. in that case, I don't think I got the Little Lucy stencil. I think mine is named something else. I think she may be Erlene. Because only my sister and I know how (when we were kids) the neighbor girl Erlene got green spray paint on her teeth. And we're not talking.

Mike M. said...

Erlene fell into a ditch...

Shelley Malone said...

I was comment that my work has been repetitive lately too, and isn't it a coincidence that both of us have been using rays so much lately (don't worry, I'm not copying you, mine are hand drawn and accompanied by big black circles) but I got distracted by Mike's comments. Dude, you're kind of freaking me out.

I think I'll go draw some more rays now and try not to think about poor Lucy.