Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer To Do List

I know I've been a little AWOL the past week.  Lots of intense training at work and I have been wiped out every single day.  I like the part where I get to sleep in and start the day After the sun comes up instead of before, but I'm not crazy about the end of the day being later.  It will be ongoing for the rest of the month at least, plus I work this weekend.  Which means I won't have much time for my new summer reading.

Can't wait to start the novel... And the new journal book looks fantastic.  Plus it has a surprise in the back.  I vaguely remember reading about that when I ordered it, but I had forgotten.

There is a blank journal in the back pocket.  The cover is made from pre-print test pages where they do a test run to calibrate ink colors, etc. before they do the final print run. The blank pages are from the end of the rolls of paper.  These would have all been thrown away normally, and I love that they were put to use this way. 

Years ago, when we moved a lot, we used to go to the newspaper offices and ask for end-of-rolls.  These were rolls of blank newsprint from where they replaced rolls of paper when they got near the end.  They usually were happy to get rid of them and everybody won.  They clear out what they had, and we got clean newsprint to use for packing paper.  I don't know if they do that anymore.

I might also have a root beer float.  Take your best vanilla ice cream, your favorite root beer, and put it in a frosty freezer mug.  I was almost out of root beer, so there is no frothy mound sticking out the top.  But, trust me, it was yummy and hits the spot on these hot days.

I also have to go find lightning bugs soon.  Paula said so...

What I won't be doing this weekend is attending my high school reunion (the 40th.. really???)  Maybe I can make the 50th.

[3rd Grade]


letterlady said...

What a cute little third grader you were! I was messy looking, ha ha.

Regarding the end of rolls, my boss wanted me to get some for a book project. Had to pay for them at the local newspaper office. Too much too! I bought two large end rolls, and we now have a stash at work - somewhere. I don't know where he put them.

I still haven't found any of those plate holders! None of the dollar stores have them around here, seems like. So many formerly commonplace things are getting hard to find. : ( Oh well, that much less 'junk' to clog my creative processes. I'm moving my basement art supplies to my 'new' studio and it's clogging fast despite how much is being thrown away. My concern is that the hubs is tossing the good junk and keeping the throw-away stuff. Right now I'm panicking over full jars of PearlX powders - several! - that I fear he has thrown out. I'm at work all day and can't supervise or do it myself. Horrors!

LesH said...

(Here I go again... new at this blog thing) Hi, Pat! Just checking in w/ you to see "what's up". I've been out of commission, hope to de-dizzify soon. Really wanted to go up to the Indy sale, but will "see" with your bloggie eyes instead -- besides, you always make such coolific stuff! Love your number house, you cute 3rd-grader, you! --Les H.