Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Okay, technically, I myself am not having a giveaway.  But if you are interested in winning a free class (or more than one), there is a blog party this week, and several instructors at Creative Workshops are giving away online classes.  I see several classes that I would love to win.

Anyway, my friend Gaye is giving away a free class for "Takin' Care of Business".  That's the class I mentioned a few months ago. The book has a segmented binding, and it is designed to hold a multitude of business cards - or it can be used for moo cards or ATCs.  Remember this (these are Gaye's books):

I love the book I made.  I constantly pick it up and look at all the cards inside.  Just a heads up too -- since this is fall festival time, if you are headed out to arts and crafts fairs, make sure to pick up some business cards.  Artists have the most colorful business cards!

So head on over to Creative Workshops here.  There is a whole list of links to instructors and their blog giveaways.  For Gaye's class, look just above the link of instructors and there is a link to her class.  Leave a comment on the Creative Workshops blog to win.  Then check out all the other fabulous instructors!! Winners are announced next week, so hurry.

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