Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Conquerer

I will not let this vintage ledger defeat me.  Gaye had this at her yard sale, and the two of us wrestled with it quite a bit, trying to figure out how the posts inside were holding the pages in.  Sure, we could have just torn the pages out, but we would have lost a good chunk of the left side of the pages.

The covers were in pretty bad shape anyway, so we disposed of those.  I ended up bringing it home with me to try again to dismantle it.  It turns out, every piece of the spine cover is made of metal.  The posts are firmly in place, and are nothing like the post binding we know today.  I suppose this ledger was meant to be a truly permanent record, never to be taken apart.
With my trusty hammer and screwdriver, I managed to get more of the spine pieces off, but I see absolutely no way to remove those posts. No slots for a screwdriver, no way to twist them.
The next step may be some goggles and a Dremel tool with a metal saw blade.  I will not be defeated!


Anonymous said...

I love it like this!

QueenPam said...

So who won?

Pat said...

Well... I think I'll call it even. I did get the pages out, but I never did figure out how to remove the posts. (I tore the pages out, but since I had the posts exposed, I got almost full pages.)