Monday, January 19, 2015

Making progress slowly

So, about my Documented Life journal... there aren't any pictures here of my journal pages other than that first post.  Oh, I've started pages and sketched ideas, and made notes.  But I can't seem to commit myself to finishing my pages.

Then, an amazing thing happened.  A few days ago the prompt for week 3 was posted online.  The journal prompt quote for this week is:
"I found I could say things with color and shapes
that I couldn't say any other way."
by Georgia O'Keefe

I almost fell out of my chair.  In my hallway, there is a calligraphy piece I did many years ago (unfortunately, I didn't date it, but I think it was late 1990's).  Here's what it looks like (try to ignore the fact that I didn't spell O'Keefe correctly).

I took the piece off the wall and out of the frame.  I took pictures of it and also made quick copies on the copier so I could cut apart the words and decide how to put them on the page in my journal.  I had planned to cut up the original when it comes time to put the words on the page, but I'm already having second thoughts about that part.

Since the copies I made included the boxes of watercolor, I might incorporate those into the journal page too.

But that wasn't the only coincidence for this week's assignment.  The Art Challenge part is "the color wheel".  As it happens, I had also recently bought two color wheel stencils (Pam Carriker designs from Stencil Girl.)  I have played with them a little already, but I think I will make a journal page background using parts of the stencils.

I still don't have this assignment completed, but I did have a burst of inspiration, plus I have been playing a lot.  Also, part of my goals for this year are to use things I have and to try to incorporate hand lettering more in my work.  So I'm headed in the right direction.

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Medbury Gaye said...

Love your thought process. The color wheel stencils look wonderful on the page. It will all come together when the sun shines. I think I'm going to incorporate your goal of using what I have too. Like it!