Wednesday, May 18, 2016

In a Bind(er)

The binder I'm using for my 2016 DLP planner will definitely hold the May pages.  It might hold June too, but it's getting full and that might be pretty tight.  Some people have already started using a second binder.

I bought my original kraft binder from Amazon for $5.  Even though I already have a second one, I decided at that price to order more in case I need them.  And what I get for me, I get for my friend Gaye... so, I ordered three. 

Order went through fine, it showed three binders on order, $5 each.  But what I received was this:
One the size I wanted, and two very small binders, ATC size.  I immediately emailed them to arrange return of the two small ones and to obtain two larger ones.  I received an email with return instructions and a prepaid shipping label to print out.  So far, so good.

Five minutes later, I received another email from a customer service rep telling me I didn't have to return the two items, just to keep them.  And that they would ship out the correct items.  Fantastic, I thought! I was very impressed with the way Amazon handled this.

A couple of days later, this is what I had in my possession:
At this point I was ready to just forget the whole thing.   It's obvious their items are not marked with the proper item number.  And it's probably why I only paid $5 for the first binders I ordered.  That's the price for the smaller binders.

But wait!  A couple of days later, I received another email stating that since I had not returned the original items, my credit card would be charged if they were not received within the week.  But, but, I was told not to return them by someone else!  So I reprinted the shipping label (because I threw away the first one I printed) and had to drive quite a distance to a UPS store to ship them. 

They sent one of those standard "How was your experience" emails not long after that.  I used up all of the allotted space and number of characters to tell them.  I have always had a good experience with Amazon, but this was not one of them. 

In the end, I think I may use these FREE binders that Gaye picked up for me at a recent FreeCycle event held in Louisville.  Everything is free, and these were binders that held paper samples or something.  Same size, maybe a little bigger spine.  Great price!  :)

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Medbury Gaye said...

That's why I hate to order online. I never end up sending things back and end up in the hole.