Monday, May 30, 2016

Exploring May

More pages in the planner from May -- This is the back of my May monthly calendar and is for the week of May 1.  It is a file folder cut to size, and I glued down some vintage ledger paper, then drew lines across to designate the days.  I used my hand carved days of the week stamps, and some number stamps.  I like having lots of options for numbers and words, and sometimes wonder if I have too many alphabet sets and number sets., that's just ridiculous!
On the opposite side, for the week of May 8, I used cardstock that has a grid pattern on it.  I continue to print on label paper, but recently used a coupon to buy full sheets of label paper, so that I don't have to piece the art together if I want to use more than the small labels I had been printing on.  This particular art is from a travel journal Mary Ann Moss did a few years ago. It was available for download at one point, but is also a freebie at The Artsronauts Club

I put the label down one side and continued my lines from the previous week's page to make divisions for the days.  I made the numbers with a stencil and added the word 'explore' with another stencil.
I printed off an expense envelope and punched holes in it, adding it between the two pages.  I don't really need an envelope for expenses, and even if I did, most of my receipts wouldn't fit in that envelope anyway.  I mainly put it there to remind me that I had found the template online (here) in case I wanted one for something else in the future.

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