Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Picking Paper

I continue to search in my supplies on hand to find interesting things to put in my 2016 DLP planner. I remembered I had this paper from Paper Direct. I'm not sure if they are still in business as it's been so long since I used to order from them, back in the days when interesting papers weren't readily available.  Okay, I googled them, and they are still in business!  Anyway, this wasn't even originally my paper.  I got it at Gaye's yard sale (of course) because she always gets cool stuff and if you hang around long enough, she needs to get rid of it to make way for something else.  Works for me and the rest of her friends!

This shows two different papers, and both have a different design on the front and the back.  I printed on both sides to see what I liked best and where the weekly calendar would land.  The paper in the back had perforations in it, so I didn't even try that.
I decided on this piece of paper and stamped my days and numbers.  You can see the dotted paper from the previous week.  I ended up cutting it off and leaving just a flap from the other side. 
For the May calendar, I already had decided to use a file folder cut to size.  It is solid color on one side and has a very slight pattern on the other side.  I used a piece of scrapbook paper glued to the tab and part of the page, then attached a vintage label with the month stamped on it.  I really liked the spring-like flowers on the scrapbook paper.  Then I realized that would all be covered up with my calendar, so I printed the monthly calendar template onto velum paper.  I can still see through it and enjoy the paper below.
Looks good to me... onward to the next weeks....

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Medbury Gaye said...

Love your paper choice. It's always had a cool look. And good idea for the vellum. It all looks great to me.