Sunday, May 1, 2016

May Day, May Day

Isn't that a distress call, "May Day"??  I'm in distress, I'm getting behind on assignments again!

April flew by at my house.  I don't know where it went.  I had a lot of extra work, I was sick, I had to wade through tax stuff.  Next thing you know, it's May!

I did play with weekly pages during that time, but I am still a little behind.
For my weekly calendar for April 3rd, I used a large tag that was orange on one side and tan on the back.  I printed out a blank list and glued it to the tag, adding tapes and stickers.  I repeated something I did a previous week and used watercolor pencil to block off the days.  Then I stamped the numbers and words.  I folded the tab over and stitched a piece of fabric to it.  
I picked this tag because I wanted something that matched the art on the left side, a birthday card from friend Gaye!  I made a color copy of the art and glued it to the back of the previous page, added washi tape, and used stencil and paint for more orange color.  
On the back of the orange tag, I painted and stenciled, and added vintage ledger paper with the days stamped on it for the week of April 10th.  I picked several papers that would make a good page for the week of April 17th, but it needed to compliment all the colors currently going on.  I don't try to "match" everything, just make it look pretty good together. I ended up liking the paper with dots.  I didn't want to completely cover up the dots with a weekly calendar page, so I found another way to add the days.
I cut small tags into triangle shapes, added decorative tape, then stamped the numbers and days.  It so happens I had just received some number stamps as a gift :)

I also used stamp pad ink on the edges of the pointy tags.  Really like how they turned out.
You can see the dot/tag page sticking out behind the big orange tag. 
I realized that most of my weekly pages just have days and numbers on them.  There is nothing to say what month it is.  I stamped "April" onto a scrap of card and will put it at the top.  I have it paper-clipped for now because I'm not sure how the back side of that page will end up.  The dot paper is folded, so it may end up with dots too.  Or I may cut that off and do something totally different.  I may do some sewing on the dot/tag page.
The tags are actually only partially attached and I debated sewing around each one.  But I realized I can use the loose pointed ends to hold things.  However, if those "things" start falling out, that idea will be tossed aside! 
I will work on the week of April 24th next, then May 1st.  However, the new theme for May won't be published until next Saturday, May 7th, so I may wait until then to do the first week in May.

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