Friday, October 7, 2016

DLP Planner Catch up 4

My last post ended with the manilla envelope page.  On the back of the envelope, I added some address labels I had received in the mail (ordered from Check Advantage, art by Dina Wakley).  The weekly page on the right side was printed on paper that already had a design on it.  To reinforce the spine, I stamped on yellow paper and folded the yellow paper around to the back side.
The base paper was not very sturdy, so the yellow paper is to help reinforce it.  Before I glued down the yellow paper, I used a half-inch punch to make holes down the left side.  After the yellow paper was glued, I stamped the dates.
The vintage Dennison clasp envelope will probably hold art cards.  It already had some holes with grommets on them, but I did have to punch an extra hole to match the rings in my binder.
The next page is a grid paper (double thickness), sewn around the edges.  Stamp pad ink was sponged  on to separate days of the week.  
 I used the Select-A-Stencil (Stampers Anonymous, Wendy Vecchi design) to add the dates.
 On to October!

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Medbury Gaye said...

It all looks great. I love that paper with the yellow half circle. And that waxy envelope. Cool.