Friday, October 14, 2016

October DLP

Where will I go in October with my DLP 2016 planner?  I have no idea.  It has been a month where I just needed to get my calendar and a couple of pages done.  Tomorrow, October will be half over.  Whut???

I have had this picture of the girl forever and don't remember where I got it.  She reminds me of Halloween, so she got sewn onto the divider.  I continued with the brown page for the monthly calendar.  I had bought the masking tape at the office supply store recently and it went so well with the girl picture, on it goes to the page, with a white gel pen used to write out October.
Sometime in the past few months, I had obtained these pens.  They are Sakura Decorese, and the package says they write on plastic, metal and glass.  The rest of the writing is in Japanese, so that's all I can pass along except they are a gel-type pen.  I just liked the slanted tops!  I got them at either Amazon or Jet Pens.  Since that happened before today, I don't remember now.

I tested them out on a scrap to see which one(s) I wanted to use on my weekly page.

 I used those pens, plus some white paint and stenciling on the left side page.

On the right, I punched out black ovals, then used number punches to punch out the numbers to glue down.  It got kind of sloppy, but it's done.
I was ahead at that point.  But like I said, tomorrow is the 15th, so I guess I'd better put on my thinking cap again!

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