Saturday, October 15, 2016

Look down

I am really enjoying learning about manhole covers this month over on Michelle Ward's blog.  I live in a rural area where everyone has a septic tank.  We don't have manhole covers, so I need to drive a little to find some.

I did dig in the way back machine (my archive of digital photos) to find a few I took years ago.

The first two are from Louisville, Kentucky, 2011. They are standard covers for the water department. I think I was more interested in getting the word Louisville, as I didn't get the whole cover on the first one.  Now that I have more interest, I want to know where it was made.. India or Indiana.  Could be either.  I also noticed the drops of water in the design.

This one was taken in Berea, Kentucky, 2011.  Plain and simple.  Beneath that cover, there is some kind of communications something or other.
Related to absolutely nothing, except it was also taken in  Berea and is round, I came across this large stone.  I'm thinking (from brief research) that it is a grinding stone for grain.
More from Louisville, 2004.  I wanted the word Louisville, plus I liked the design.  But this wasn't a manhole cover.  It is a tree hole cover.
 There were a couple that had such whimsical adornments around the trees.

I need to spend more time looking down.  There's a whole lot going on down there.  Do yourself a favor and visit Michelle's blog here.  Also, she is having a stencil giveaway if you leave a comment. Don't leave a comment.  Because I want to win....Just kidding!

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