Sunday, October 25, 2009

All in a Row

Yes, it's definitely fall. Once the days and days of rain passed, and the sun came out, the colors almost look fluorescent. And the colors are so much prettier than what is shown here. (Plus I think my camera needs bifocals.)

The colors of fall... Pretty shrubs.....

Pretty trees....

Weird orange paint jobs...

I don't know why I took a picture of the pipe and it's orange shadow, but it just struck me as funny. In last week's workshop, we put our wet painted pieces in an empty room down the hall from our classroom, so they could dry without being stepped on. The room had been repainted white at some point, but what struck me was not the unfinished paint job, but the neatness of the white versus orange - no sloppiness here! Leslie told me there used to be a shop there that sold Harley Davidson clothes. Ah, that would explain that particular color orange.

And this is for my sister. She quotes this to me at times, so I was surprised when I saw that Lisa had it on her table. It was pretty much the very first thing I saw when the workshop got underway. It's one of my favorite quotes (and I love Lisa's whimsical lettering!)

(from the Desiderata)

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