Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall Fun with Fabric

What a fun weekend. I commuted to Shelbyville, KY, on Saturday and Sunday to take a workshop with Lisa Engelbrecht, and it was such a great time. Even though it was a long drive both days, the leaves are starting to burst into color, and the construction delays were not as bad as I expected, so overall, the trip was not bad.

Leslie McCarthy was so generous to open her store for our workshop space. Leslie has one shop, Making Ends Meet, with beautiful upholstery fabrics. Room after room overwhelm the senses and you want to take it all home! She has also recently opened a sister store across the street. This shop has all the fun things we need for altered projects and mixed media. What a treasure trove in this little town!

I loved her teapot chimes outside.

The walls of every room had beautiful art.

This picture is a little out of focus, but I could not resist taking a picture of all these flowers Leslie is making for an upcoming event. Too cute.

Day One of our class with Lisa concentrated on Funky Lettering. It was lots of fun, and Lisa did a great job leading us through the exercises and helping us creating some fun alphabets. Here are some of my blinged-up capitals. These were made by scribbling back and forth to make the letters, without lifting the pen. Then we went back later and filled in some spaces. I have long been a fan of Signo white gel pens, but Lisa introduced us to some new pens, including some Signo sparkle pens. I loved playing with those on the black paper.

On Day Two, we worked on fabric, making backgrounds and letters. By the end of the day we hoped to have a finished (or near finished) canvas piece. Well, mine had some pieces, but not attached yet. I had forgotten my bag of fabric scraps I had hoped to use, with just the right thing to put in the spaces. I pinned notes that said "This is where the fabric scrap with the map on it goes" ... etc! I also have a smaller piece I'm pretty happy with.

I have seen Lisa's work for a long time, in books and magazines. Seeing it in person was way better though. Fascinating to see all the detail. Here is one of her pieces.

Of course, one of the best parts of the weekend was just hanging out with everyone and seeing what everyone has been busy creating lately. I was pretty wiped out by the end of Sunday, but it was a happy, contented tired.

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