Friday, October 30, 2009

A Smile in Every Room

"A smile in every room" - I read it in the newspaper, so I know it's true! Well, I read it online, but it will be in the newspaper on Saturday (Oct 31). On Saturdays, the Louisville newspaper features a home of the week. Gaye's home was referred to the paper, and they came out over a week ago to take pictures. I think I've been more impatient than she has, waiting for tomorrow's article, but when I checked today, they already have the article online, along with a photo gallery of 53 pictures! Here's the link to the article. The photo gallery is here.

You really get a sense of the wonderful colors Gaye has used on her walls. She is much braver than I am. I hate my white walls, but can't make up my mind and commit to a color (or the time to paint either!) And I like the detail in the photos, but sure wanted a closer look, even though I've been there a thousand times!! (By the way, you might want to ignore the paragraph in the article online titled "Gather Round" - I think that is left over from another article, talking about Audrey and the boys??? Or maybe Gaye has people living in the basement that she is unaware of!)


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gaye said...

I feel kind of famous this weekend. All this to do over my little nest. I guess when you look at it every day you get used to it and it becomes old hat. When you are young you decorate for what's in or for what other people might think. I guess insecurity of who you are. Then when you reach 50, you come into your own and cast everything to the wind and do exactly what you have always wanted to. I have really loved my 50's.