Thursday, October 15, 2009

One Thousand Ideas

Hmmm, what's this?

Oh, it's a book.

I was surprised to get this in the mail today. I ordered it as soon as Gaye told me she was notified she was in it. I pre-ordered it because it's not available until November 1. No problem. Then I got an email that it would be sent earlier than that. Even better. Then I got an email this week that it was on its way. Better still. And all the while, Gaye still does not know what pieces of hers they picked. So here they are.

Looks like she got a whole page for her Trash To Treasure bracelet!

And a whole page for her My Sweet Memories tag bracelet!

I've always liked that tag bracelet...

Those were in the Jewelry & Adornments section. Moving over to the Housewares & Furnishing sections, we find her Safe From Harm coffee table, made from safety deposit boxes with a glass top. (The cinder block cabinet is not hers... bet that sucker is heavy!)

My unofficial review of this book? Very nicely done, and lots of new ideas. There were a few ideas I've seen before, but most were new to me. I like what people are doing with zippers. The other sections of the book are Paper, Collage, & Assemblage.....Couture & Soft Goods...Geek Craft & Man Craft...and Art, Installations & Interiors. Very nice. Way to go Gaye!!


Gaye said...

WOW! How fun is this!.I can't wait to see the book and all the cool projects.

letterlady said...

Hurray for Gaye!!!!! Thanks for the great preview, Pat!